Mission of DHF

  • What is the mission of DHF?

    The purpose of the Djimon Hounsou Foundation is twofold:
    Firstly, we aim to strengthen Africa’s intergenerational identity and self-awareness by reconnecting the Peoples of the African Diaspora with their motherland.

    Secondly, we aim to combat modern-day slavery & human trafficking to stop exploitation, loss of freedom, and identity, and educate about the causes, stakes and consequences of slavery.

  • How are the two goals in your mission statement related to each other?

    One of the aftereffects of the Transatlantic and Arab Slave Trades was the loss of knowledge about families, origins and ancestry. In other words, slavery is directly responsible for today's disconnect of Afro-Descendants with their heritage. By combating modern-day slavery and human trafficking, the Djimon Hounsou Foundation aims to combat the root cause of this issue.