The Transatlantic and Arab Slave trades ushered in the largest forced migration in human history. Over several centuries, the African Diaspora became dispersed throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe. As a consequence, the number of Afro-descants living outside the motherland is staggering. Today, the entire population of the African Diaspora is estimated to exceed 210 Million people.

Countries with Largest African Diaspora Populations

As diverse as this group may be, it is bound together by a collective tragedy, the loss of knowledge about their origins, families and culture. Uprooted from their homes and families, many descendants have lost any connection to their roots. They don’t  don’t even know where they come from. This is a profound dilemma because …

If you don’t know where you belong, you don’t know who you are.


Reconnecting the African Diaspora

While it is not possible to heal the wounds of slavery, we are eager to reestablish connections between Afro-descendants and their roots. This is why the Djimon Hounsou Foundation  is organizing sponsored cultural trips as well as the Gate of No Return Marathon & Festival Series. We are driven to build a Pan-Africa Network by keeping former event participants motivated to engage with their heritage and culture. and recruit them as activists, volunteers, ambassadors.


An Afro-descendant is a person of African origin who lives in the Americas and in the region of the African Diaspora as a result of slavery.


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