DHF will organize free cultural trips to West Africa of 10-12 days in length which will give young Afro-descendants the opportunity to reconnect with the birthplace of their families. These trips will have a cultural, touristic as well as an educational component. With only fifteen participants per excursion, they allow you to get to know each other and potentially form lasting friendships. Apart from these activities, you will also brainstorm ways to keep engaged after the trip and get encouraged to make a pledge. Upon your return you shall feel emboldened by your newly-found connection to Africa and motivated to become an activist and ambassador in your local community. Join us and become a powerful new Voice for Africa.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Target Group: Afro-descendant who live outside of Africa
  • Age Group: 18-29 years (at time of scheduled trip)
  • Valid Passport
  • Language Skills: English or French (Spanish to be added at later date)
  • Travel History: Applicants must not have visited the continent since they turned 18. Preference is given to Afro-descendants who have never traveled to Africa before
  • Motivation: Applicant must demonstrate a history of activism and submit a convincing motivation letter.


Project Status

We are currently in the process of raising funds from program sponsors and putting together itineraries to multiple West African countries. Our first trips will be scheduled once international travel is possible and deemed safe by health experts. While we cannot foresee the duration of the current COVID-19 crisis, we are hopeful to organize first trips by the end of 2021.

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