Julia Vandenweghe

Founder of Global Legacy


Identity is the portal through which we enter life.


Julia Vandenweghe is a mentor, public speaker and founder of Global Legacy, a community that seeks to empower, enrich and educate the masses, with a focus on the African community. Born in Sudan and coming to Belgium as a refugee, she always had a warrior spirit and believed in creating opportunities for yourself, no matter where you come from. Growing up in Europe, she lost touch with her roots but always fervently sought after her origins and has great pride in being African.

She is passionate about empowering, uplifting & giving back to her community, and that’s why she created Global Legacy. One of the people that greatly inspired her was Martin Luther King, who apart from his dream to end racism, had a dream for economic justice. Global Legacy was created out of dissatisfaction with the lack of education and opportunities in the black community. Not enough black people have economic impact, a seat at the table, so she decided to chop down her own wood and build her own table, to create space for people that are often overlooked & discriminated, not because of lack of skills, education or drive, but because of racial inequality. She believes that a strong sense of identity, unity, economic action and investing in our community can greatly empower us and catapult us in a position where we can actually win.

When we look at the most powerful communities, they have impact and power because they own things collectively, they’re well invested in the media & the law and they focus on internal growth, education and wealth building. Global Legacy wants to teach people how to build a legacy that will last for the next generations, teach people how to fish instead of giving them fish; provide them with the necessary mindset, skills and leadership so that they can duplicate their results and have sustainable, long-term, lasting change.